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Radical Presence

Transformative Change begins Here

Are you present for yourself?  Are you listening to your sadness, your fear, your anger, your needs? 

Being radically present for all parts of us profoundly changes our experience of life, as it lays the foundation for kindness, respect, compassion, and ultimately inner peace. Our need for being 'other' or having 'more' as an adaptive response to our early life experiences, is commonly the root of what we experience as stress and anxiety. 

Here we explore together how to develop the capacity to listen with undivided attention, to even those parts of us we struggle with. We will learn that befriending all of our emotions and behaviors instead of fighting them, will lay the foundation for internal balance and harmony. 

We will get to listen to what the different parts of us that drive our behaviors, are trying to communicate to us and understand their intentions.

My Approach

It is my intention for this practice to be a place of safety dignity and belonging for all: my LGBTQ+ family as well as all other people who suffer the impact of discrimination based on race, color, origin, religion, age, class, ability or gender.

What I strive for in my work is to create a warm and nurturing space in which Radical Presence is a lived experience. Being radically present means complete, undivided attention, void of judgement, expectations or agenda. I will be your guide on the path to understanding that whatever it is you are trying to make sense of, or process, does not and has never impaired your inherent wholeness, but is here, now, to re-awaken and re-activate your wholesome Self as leader.

Through the understanding of how mind and body communicate with each other you will learn how listening to your different inner parts will give us valuable information about the emotions, beliefs and behaviors you are struggling with. 


I am here to hold a safe space for you to explore together what it means to live in and respond from your inherent, wholesome core Self.

We might have to rediscover it together but

whatever you bring, I will guide you in shifting your relationship to it and make space for new supportive lived experiences.

We will work together on finding and addressing the parts in you that keep you from feeling worthy, present, safe and connected.

I facilitate various group offerings from Meditation

and Mindfulness practices to workshops

teaching diverse approaches to coping with

stress, anxiety, overwhelm, grief, absence of meaning, low self-esteem, conflict and other experiences, behaviors and beliefs we struggle with.

Modalities include Strozzi Somatics and Somatic Parts Work

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