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Some Kind Words from Clients

"I reached out to Heiki during a period where I was experiencing symptoms of CPTSD daily. My trauma had deeply affected every aspect of my life for almost the entirety of my life.... After living so long with depression and life ending thoughts, I didn’t think I was capable of being different. As it turns out, I am. I’m learning that my body and my life can be a safe place to inhabit.... Heiki is incredibly patient and equally as warm. She’s great at creating a safe container... I’m always in awe of how present she’s able to be during session.... I’m so grateful, words fall short." MH

"Heiki's work is deeply touching, reaching places deeply hidden and protected, gently and safely. Her presence is both nurturing and supporting and her guidance is neutral and encouraging. Each session I enter with some resistance and each time I come away with a new sense of myself; lighter and softer with self connection and insight. I am grateful for what she does and who she is." KL

"I just hit a year without alcohol and am so grateful for Heiki's help through the Somatic Parts Work we did. I couldn't have gotten here without her support along the way." EM

"Heiki is an amazing kind and compassionate healer. I so feel held and honored by her in sessions" JH

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