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The sources of not being fully embodied and present for ourselves can be many and are often underlying our sense of unworthiness. Whether it is unmet needs or traumatic experiences in childhood or later in life, discrimination, adverse social conditions, struggles with addictive tendencies, or diagnosed states of depression, stress or anxiety. Any, and many other conditions and circumstances that our nervous system struggles to support, cause a felt sense of dis-ease to varying degrees. This can manifest in wanting to run from life, avoid it, or being in constant battle with it. 

We will work together on finding the parts in you that keep you from feeling whole and embodied, befriending, rather than fighting them, finding that even the emotions and behaviors we most struggle with have a good intentions and have served us well so far in navigating life.  We rest in the awareness that your inherently wholesome and wise adult Self is ever present and it is our objective for you to come home to it.

Sessions are available online and in person where possible.

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We live in a society which promotes individual success as the ultimate achievement, leaving us without  having learnt healthy relational skills and cherishing true, intimate connectedness. 

 Instead we had to learn adaptive ways to cope with the lack of connection we experienced, which are now running the show.

There is no wrong moment, no 'too late' to learn and develop relational skills.

If you and your partner(s) (best friend or any other primary relationship you have) feel ready for transformational change, returning to cherish one another,  I will guide you in discovering the parts of you that are reactive and seem to thrive on causing conflict.

We will listen to their intentions and find understanding and compassion when discovering

what drives them, rather than continuing to be at war with them.

By getting acquainted with your early wounded and adaptive behavioral patterns, you will be able to access kindness and compassion for yourself as well as for the other, finding transformative healing. It is from that place that we can apply the tools we need for lasting change.

 Our work together will be laying the foundation for the vulnerability with self and the other(s), which is the bedrock of intimacy. 

Sessions are available online and in person where possible.

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Being present and embodied in community is the antidote for isolation. We have lived through challenging times of separation and isolation, in which the term 'Social Distancing' was coined.

In group work we make space for the lived experience of embodied Social Connection.

Applying diverse modalities we explore our body's wisdom through movement, various approaches to meditation and most importantly, by listening to ourselves and one another. 

Being Radically Present in the group will provide each participant with new insights about our interdependence and collective belonging, as well as with tools for the gradual development of new habits gently moving us out of the illusion of being separate.

Groups are available online & in person where possible.

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'Don't tell me about your addiction. Tell me about your pain'. 

G. Mate

If you are struggling with addictive tendencies or feel you might even be in the grips of addiction, you have likely tried a myriad of strategies to find a way to 'manage' your behavior.
One of the main motivators for most addictive behaviors is a need for escape from our reality, mostly pain from the past, because it has become intolerable. 

We will learn how to listen to the parts in you that keep wanting to 'leave' through behaviors or substances, rather than judging and shaming them, while going on a path of healing what they are trying to protect.

Whatever the path you are on, I am here as a peer to support you with various alternative, non-pathologizing, embodied modalities.

Sessions are available online & in person where possible.

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